to the recent unfollows this week, well your blogs suck too. :[ mehh I hate that its like a game of follow-tag or something its like “oh I’m gonna follow you without checking out your blog first and as soon as you follow me I’m gonna unfollow you just so I can boost and gain as many followers as possible!” like no just no stop, people who do that are egotistical twats.

OMG YESS! Before there were even any lyrics I was like THATS THE SONG FROM FALLOUT 3! just by hearing the melody, this album is going to be so amazing I cant wait. why am I such a lonely nerd…..

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One of those days where I really just am not in the mood to tumblr :/ which is saying a lot since I love it so much. ugh

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“Geeks have always secretly ruled the world. The thing is that if you can think intelligently for yourself, then you have a moral responsibility to the world to do some good with it…”
Benedict Cumberbatch (Sydney Comic Con x)

I wonder if anyone stalks my Tumblr…

if so…


hello there.


do you ever wanna listen to music but every song is just not the right song

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 Truer words have never been spoken …